Optimized WordPress Photo for your Website and Social Media

The right type of image does not only make your website look more enticing or attract potential customers, it also conveys the message you want to share. But when wordpress photo is optimized, it does more than that. It speeds up loading time and helps in ranking. PixelRockstar.com images come with SEO-friendly captions and are automatically inserted to your posts.

PixelRockstar offers three types of packages. Depending on your creative needs and budget, you can choose among these:

  • The Pixel pack comes with 10 high quality images for the price of $9. If you have temporary creative needs at lesser amount, this is the option for you. It is not too big and can very well fit in your budget.
  • The Rock pack is perfect for average creative needs. For only $35, you can download up to 50 images.
  • Lastly, the Star pack offers 350 images for only $200. If you have larger creative needs, this is the best choice for you. It allows you to download a single image for as low as $0.57 only. Where else can you find wordpress photo this cheap?

All PixelRockstar packages are legally safe and yours to use forever. You can search add images from over 4 million high quality, safe to use images in the website’s library. All images come with a Digital License, which removes all common limitations that traditional image sources have.

With PixelRockstar, your images are just seconds away. So, stop wasting your valuable time, and search and add media into your posts in just a few clicks. Optimized images, with SEP-friendly captions, are inserted to your posts automatically. If you have just installed your WordPress.org website, get the photo plugin for free. What are you waiting for? Get the photo plugin that rocks!